Postdoc period (2012 to present)
NASA Making Earth System Data Records for Use in Research Environments (MEaSUREs) Project: Developing Consistent Earth System Data Records (ESDRs) for the Global Terrestrial Water Cycle. (PI: Dr. Eric F. Wood; Co-PI: Dr. Dennis Lettenmaier)
Task: Global scale hydrological modeling and data assimilation.

NASA MEaSUREs Project: Development of Pre-SWOT ESDRs for Global Surface Water Storage Dynamics. (PI: Dr. Dennis Lettenmaier; Co-I: Dr. Bart Nijssen)
Task: Global reservoir water storage modeling.

Ph.D. period (2007 to 2012)
US EPA Grant: Onondaga Creek Habitat Restoration (PI: Dr. Theodore A. Endreny)
Task: Investigating the hydroecological impacts of river restoration measures

NSF Grant: Collaborative Research: Impacts of In-Stream Restoration on Hydrological, Chemical and Biological Heterogeneity in the Hydrological, Chemical, and Biological Heterogeneity in the Hyporheic Zone. (Co-PI: Dr. Theodore A. Endreny)
Task: Investigating the mixing processes between surface water and hyporheic zone.

USDA Forest Service Project: i-Tree Hydro Software Suite (Project Leader: Dr. David Nowak)
Task: Developing the i-Tree Hydro hydrologic model.


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